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Noon Edition

Update on Ahmad Jamal Mosaic Box

A few months ago Mosaic Records confirmed a forthcoming Ahmad Jamal box-set, covering the pianist's trio recordings from the late 1950s and early 1960s, currently projected for a March or April 2009 release. Some more details have emerged now on the box's contents (supposedly 9 CDs). It will contain the following Argo and Chess-label albums:

Argo LP-610 Count 'Em 88

Argo LP-628 But Not for Me

Argo LP-636 Ahmad Jamal Trio – Volume IV

Argo LP-2638 Portfolio of Ahmad Jamal

Argo LP-646 Jamal at the Penthouse

Argo LP-662 Happy Moods

Argo LP-667 At the Pershing

Argo LP-673 Listen to the Ahmad Jamal Quintet

Argo LP-685 Ahmad Jamal's Alhambra

Argo LP-691 All of You

Argo LP-703 Ahmad Jamal at the Blackhawk

Chess 2ACMJ-407 Sunset

Thanks to poster J.A.W. at the Organissimo jazz-discussion forum for this information; he also adds that "The 'theme' is Jamal's piano-bass-drums trio, that's why Mosaic chose not to include his first piano-guitar-bass Argo album Chamber Music of New Jazz (LP-602)." Word is that the set will include some previously-unreleased material as well.

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