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Noon Edition

The House In The Heart: Lester Young In The 1950s

Even as his physical health declined throughout the 1950s, tenor saxophonist Lester Young remained capable of moving and beautiful performances. This program includes tracks with pianists John Lewis and Oscar Peterson, a reunion date with Teddy Wilson in 1956, live recordings from December of that year, and Lester Young himself speaking with jazz writer Chris Albertson in 1958 about modern-day saxophonists. The show concludes with readings from "The House in the Heart," Bobby Scott's memoir about traveling with Young on the 1955 Jazz at the Philharmonic tour, and "There Will Never Be Another You," from Young's last studio session, recorded just two weeks before his death in March 1959.

Suggestions for further reading:

Bobby Scott, "The House in the Heart," included in the anthology Reading Jazz.


Frank Buchmann-Muller, You Just Fight for Your Life: the Story of Lester Young.

Lewis Porter (ed.), A Lester Young Reader.

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