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Noon Edition

Pull Your Coat, August 6: Abbey Lincoln, Nat Cole, & Jackie McLean

  • A happy 80th birthday to singer Abbey Lincoln . Check out this week's Afterglow tribute to her, Abbey Lincoln, Over the Years.
  • Hep Records, the superlative historical jazz label, has uncovered Nat King Cole's 1949 concert at Carnegie Hall, where he was double-billed with Woody Herman's Second Herd. I'll be featuring the newly-released Hep CD on an upcoming Afterglow.
  • Jackie McLean is one of my all-time favorite saxophonists, as you might surmise from this, this, this, and this. (And there's another one in the works.) This past week an Organissimo poster tipped me off to the posting of a fascinating 1979 half-hour documentary about McLean that captures him both teaching and performing. You can check it out here: Jackie McLean on Mars
  • NPR's All Things Considered did a short feature on Lee Konitz earlier this week. Coincidentally enough, Mr. Konitz is also the subject of this week's Night Lights program.
  • The latest volume in the British Film Institute's Film Classics series is James Naremore's study of the 1957 movie Sweet Smell of Success. (There's a Night Lights show about this, too, which includes Mr. Naremore as a guest.)

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