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Noon Edition

Night Lights For Memorial Day

National Cemetery at Leavenworth, Kansas.

This week's new Night Lights show, Turn Out The Stars Volume 5, is the latest in a series of programs devoted to jazz elegies, music written and performed in honor of departed jazz artists. In addition to the previous volumes, here are some other Night Lights shows and posts for Memorial Day:

Glenn Miller Goes To War With The Army Air Force Band, including commentary from AAF member Nat Peck and historian Michael McGerr, as well as rare broadcasts of the Miller orchestra from the European Theatre.

On A Turquoise Cloud: Duke Ellington After The War, 1945-47, which also includes links to shows about Ellington's 1945 broadcasts to help sell war bonds for the U.S. Treasury.

Reminiscing In Tempo: Remembrance In Jazz And Popular Song

The Last: Final Recordings Of Jazz Greats

A safe and happy holiday to all!

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