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Mosaic Records Releases Artie Shaw Set This Autumn

Straight outta Stamford, CT comes news that Mosaic Records will be issuing an Artie Shaw collection this autumn. The 7-CD set will consist mostly of instrumentals that Shaw recorded for the Bluebird and Victor labels between 1938 and 1945. As for other sets in the pipeline that this site has reported on before, the Mosaic wizards sayeth:

The Duke Ellington (1930s big-band sides) is probably next year and the Ahmad Jamal we're having trouble getting the original tapes so no definite date on that one.

The Shaw should be a fascinating set. It covers:

  • The late-1930s "Begin the Beguine" period
  • The early-1940s big-band-with-strings, including sides such as "Evensong" and "Suite #8" that seem to anticipate the Third Stream
  • The clarinetist's exciting, underrated 1944-45 orchestra.

It's a concept very similar to the label's recent Benny Goodman collection.

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