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Noon Edition

Makin' the Changes

No, this isn't about Jackie McLean's Prestige years, though one of these days we're going to do a show on that very topic. Night Lights recently marked its third year on the air, and the third anniversary of the website's launch is just around the corner. No celebratory motives are driving this move to a new website, however; it's simply the desire for a cleaner, more up-to-date presentation. In the next week or two we'll be transferring the remaining archived programs from the old site, installing a redirect for that address, and attending to any glitches or problems that pop up on these new pages. (The new archives will reside on the "Shows" page and will be displayed in a manner similar to the old page.) Any comments or suggestions you want to offer are welcome, either by responding here or e-mailing me at

I'm excited about the shows that we have in the works for this upcoming autumn and winter,

After three years I can still say that I simply want this to be THE best classic-jazz program in the world. The new website is designed to help us achieve that goal, through giving you even more information, options, and reasons to return. I'll be able to post articles, information, and occasional thoughts that I hope will be of interest to those who come here. If you're not already familiar with some of the discussion boards and sites listed on the links page, I encourage you to explore them. There is some highly intelligent and charged conversation going on out there from jazz fans all over the world, concerning nearly every genre, subgenre, and era of the music.

These are not halcyon days for jazz on the airwaves-even in the realm of public radio, where it once flourished. I'm grateful that my station, WFIU, and the several other stations that carry Night Lights are willing to support this kind of a show.

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