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Noon Edition

The Big Support: Cracking The Case For Night Lights


It was a sweltering-hot summer evening, and the air was soggier than a Kenny G solo drenched in Cheez Whiz. I was enjoying another episode of Night Lights, the weekly classic-jazz show that explores so many fascinating artists, eras, and byways of jazz history, when a troubling question popped into my head like an angry waiter coming after a customer who forgot to tip: how does this program stay on the air?

It's not exactly a mystery, Sherlock, a voice in my head answered. (I hear lots of voices-at least this one wasn't Aunt Shirley.) Night Lights relies on listeners like you to provide the support that makes the research, production, editing, and distribution of this show possible. Otherwise Night Lights would be the odd man out, a dame left alone on the dance floor, a third wheel on a hot date, a...

"All right, all right!" I said. "Enough with the cliches... it's getting awfully stale in here. So what do I do to support in-depth, well-crafted presentations of America's greatest art form that inform, inspire, and entertain me?"

Make a contribution, wise guy, the voice answered. It's easy... any amount will help.

Pledge your support at the $60 level and you'll receive a copy of the new book David Baker: a Legacy in Music, a 400-page volume that explores the life and music of one of the world's most renowned jazz educators. The book also includes a CD of rare Baker recordings spanning his entire career. It's just another way of saying thanks for your support-the support that makes a program like Night Lights possible.

I did what the voice told me. I felt good about it afterwards. You will too. Just click here to make your contribution, and tell 'em the case is closed: Night Lights is here to stay, thanks to you.

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