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Noon Edition

Jazz around the Internet...and George Avakian speaks with Night Lights

Notes and tones from around the web:

Doug Ramsey on a posthumous release from pianist Gil Coggins.

On the heels of his fantastic Hal McKusick series, Marc Myers follows up with a profile of David Amram (whose Jazz Studio album is featured on this week's program) one and two are already posted, with more promised when Amram returns from touring next month.

Detroit Free Press music writer Mark Stryker talks with Sonny Rollins.

Organissimo posters wonder whatever happened to the sound of surprise.

Wednesday morning I'll be speaking with legendary jazz producer George Avakian, who helped create the concepts of the jazz LP and jazz reissue series, discovered unissued sides by Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five and Seven, signed Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis to Columbia, organized Benny Goodman's 1962 tour of the Soviet Union, and managed the early groups of Charles Lloyd and Keith Jarrett...among other things. Avakian will be heard on at least one upcoming Night Lights program, and I'll post some excerpts from the interview here in the coming days.

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