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Noon Edition

Jazz and Jack Kerouac II

"Jazz and Jack Kerouac" is now archived...apologies for the one-day holiday delay. For more jazz-and-Jack-Kerouac, check out our previous show, The Subterraneans, which explores the jazz score for the only film to be adapted from a Kerouac novel to date, as well as the story behind the movie and some dialogue clips from it. (The film itself is nearly unwatchable, except as a study of how Hollywood rendered the Beats circa 1960, and as a campy romp-Roddy McDowall played the character based on Gregory Corso. You can see a number of stills from the movie here...and yes, that's George Peppard, Mr. A-Team himself, in the brown leather jacket playing the Kerouac-based protagonist.) The West Coast jazz musicians who pop up from time to time also provide some interest for aficionados...the definitive version of the soundtrack is still available.

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