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Noon Edition

Jazz and Film Scoring at the Museum of Modern Art

New York City's Museum of Modern Art opens an exhibition next week devoted to jazz and film scoring. Check out the list of movies they'll be showing over the next few months-impressive. WNYC aired a show Friday morning on the topic that includes interviews with composer Johnny Mandel, musician Bill Kirchner, and jazz historian Krin Gabbard; you can hear the program here. The convergence of jazz and film is one of my favorite topics for Night Lights shows, and there are more on the way; here are a few already recorded and archived for online listening:

The Connection: the Living Theater and Hardbop Jazz

I Want to Live!

Satchmo Take Two: Louis Armstrong at the Movies

The James Dean Story

Don Ellis and the French Connection

Nat King Cole's St. Louis Blues

The Subterraneans

Peter Gunn

Jazz in the Postwar French Cinema

The Wild One

...and, of course, there's this week's show: Jazz Goes Disney

UPDATE: today's New York Times reports on the exhibition.

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