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Noon Edition

Herb Pomeroy

Remembrances for trumpeter, bandleader, educator and Boston jazz mainstay Herb Pomeroy are beginning to appear around the Internet as news of his death this past Saturday spreads. Marc Myers ruminates on Pomeroy's musical legacy over at Jazzwax, and there's an obituary in today's edition of the Boston Globe. Pomeroy was another "hidden hero" of the jazz world, whose contributions far outweighed his profile (although he was certainly well-known and liked on the New England jazz scene). Several years ago I e-mailed Mosaic Records with the suggestion that they put together a 3-CD Mosaic Select set of Pomeroy's late-1950s recordings, featuring a Boston-area big band that's become legendary. They were enthusiastic about the idea and I still have hopes that such a set may eventually be released. (One potential album, vocalist Irene Kral's The Band and I, has since been reissued as a single CD. The focus is much more on Kral, however, and it gives you only a hint of what Pomeroy's band sounded like.) To get a sense of the Boston scene from which Pomeroy emerged, check out our Boppin' in Beantown program (which includes Pomeroy himself on a couple of tracks).

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