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Blue Note Records Announces More Catalogue Deletions

Blue Note Records sent out an e-mail today announcing more catalogue deletions, on the heels of a similar announcement two weeks ago. You can view the entire list (which includes titles from a larger family of Blue Note-related labels) at True Blue Music. Warning, folks: it's a veritable bloodbath. Lots of great Lee Morgan, Tina Brooks, Cannonball Adderley, Jackie McLean, Horace Silver and other fine jazz CDs going the way of the dodo. (And don't overlook or hesitate to buy, if you're at all interested, the incredible Herbie Nichols set.)

UPDATE: Over at Organissimo, longtime jazz producer and label owner Chuck Nessa comments:

I suggest a year from now Blue Note and related labels will be gone. Pay attention to ALL titles, not just the deletions. The old EMI model does not work now. The parent company will try to live off copyrights in the future, not physical product. Not cool.

...and another poster offers this report:

In case anyone's interested in how these titles were chosen, I was told that some outside accounting firm was called in to choose the titles for deletion. The Jazz people were not consulted, which is why some of the cuts seem so odd.

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