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Billy Eckstine On Roulette

Billy Eckstine shows up in many jazz histories as the leader of a great, cutting-edge big band of the 1940s. The roster of that band included, at various times,

  • Charlie Parker
  • Dizzy Gillespie
  • Dexter Gordon
  • and Fats Navarro.

(Unfortunately, Parker's stay was during the 1942-44 recording ban, so as yet no airshots have surfaced that feature him with Eckstine's orchestra.)

Eckstine should be remembered for being an amazing jazz vocalist as well as a bandleader. His richly-nuanced baritone voice was perfect for the blues and ballads that he favored. It was that suave, sensually elegant quality of his tone that catapulted him to great popularity in the 1940s and 50s.

This week's Afterglow program, Billy Eckstine: the Roulette Years covers the singer's brief but compelling stay on the Roulette label circa 1960, with music from

  • his standards LP with arranger Billy May
  • his blues outing with Count Basie
  • and a great live performance in Las Vegas.

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