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Noon Edition

American Popular Song and World War II: Part 2

In part 2 of American Popular Song and World War II we'll hear music from Louis Jordan ("You Can't Get That No More"), Kitty Kallen with Jimmy Dorsey ("They're Either Too Young or Too Old"), Sam Donahue's Navy band ("Convoy"), a rare recording of Bing Crosby with Glenn Miller's AAF orchestra, and much more, including the interruption of a Harry James big-band broadcast to announce the D-Day invasion.

To listen to Part 2, click on this link.

Finally, a 1945 Academy-Award-winning short film, "The House I Live In," featuring Frank Sinatra's World-War-II-inspired lesson of tolerance and performance of the title song (co-written by "Strange Fruit" composer Abel Meeropol-aka Lewis Allan-and Earl Robinson, author of "Ballad for Americans"):

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