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Noon Edition

A.K. Salim

A good post from Doug Ramsey's Rifftides blog about composer/arranger A.K. Salim, a rather mysterious figure from the 1950s/60s jazz world who's intrigued me ever since I came across a used copy of his Savoy album Blues Suite several years ago-yet another musician from that time who's fallen through the cracks of jazz history, and one who's been on the Night Lights to-do list for awhile. Salim's discography as a leader is scant and for the most part unavailable; back in 2004 saxophonist and Organissimo poster Jim Sangrey hailed the LP-only reissue of Salim's later Prestige LP Afro-Soul/Drum Orgy. One Savoy LP, Flute Suite, has never been reissued, and another Savoy session was never released at all, save for one track on the compilation Jazz Is Bustin' Out All Over. Maybe a candidate for a Mosaic Select?

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