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Bill Would Add Cell Phones to Indiana’s Do Not Call List

Indiana’s Attorney General Greg Zoeller was on campus today to talk about a bill that will include cellular phones on the state’s Do Not Call List.

“This is an extension of the current protections, not only to include cell phones specifically, but to allow for the protection of unwanted video and texting messages, which are growing areas of concern,” Zoeller said.

Democratic State Representative Matt Pierce who also teaches on campus in the Telecommunications Department, said that he asks his students if they still use land lines. Pierce said that every year, the number of hands raised dwindles more and more.

“A lot of people, they’ve decided that a cell phone is enough, that’s they’re main primary phone that they use. It’s not a secondary phone anymore, and so it makes sense for us to provide the same kinds of protections of people’s privacy to those phones as we do to the old-fashioned land lines,” Pierce said.

Freshman Joely Pope said she has had some experience with unwanted text messages from telemarketers.

“It was kind of disturbing because it, like, it was stuff that I didn’t want, and it was just, like, during class too, so it got me in trouble — and for no reason and wasted a text,” Pope said.

Pope is optimistic about the possible passage of the “Do Not Call My Cell” bill.

“I kind of like it, I mean, if I want information, I can find it elsewhere. I don’t need to get things to my texting cell phone for things that I don’t want,” Pope said.

The bill is supposed to go before the Indiana House of Representatives sometime in the near future.

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