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New Year’s Resolution 2011: Gym Etiquette

The new year for millions of Americans means the time to make a New Year’s resolution. Memberships at health clubs and in diet programs soar, as do the grunts and strains to power lift weight off. Taking a stronghold on fitness and wellness for the new year may be a goal you’ve set for yourself.

Research indicates that between 40-45% of people will make one or more New Year’s resolutions. Losing weight or getting fit is one of the most popular resolutions. But before you hit the gym, there are some important etiquette rules you need to be familiar with.

Doug Ballard, co-owner of The Iron Pit Gym, says in some places you may want to limit the weight you lift because the grunting that comes with pushing your limits is frowned upon. “Obviously that does occur in gyms, and in our facility, we do have a number of athletes that train here and when you’re training with heavy weights there is pain that’s involved and that’s why individuals grunt,” said Ballard. “In our facility we allow it as long as it’s not excessive, and different facilities have different rules.”

Research shows that 75 percent of resolutions do make it past the first week; and just fewer than half make it past the six month mark. Ballard said, “Basic human courtesy is really what we’re looking at when you’re talking about gym etiquette, and the atmosphere we have here may be a little more serious than other places individuals visit.”

Ballard’s advice to anyone beginning a new program is be patient and stick with it. And he says if you have an issue with someone in the gym you should alert management.

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