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Would-Be Neighbors Of Proposed Hog Farm File Zoning Appeal


Photo: WOAW (flickr)

The hog farm in Decatur County would house about 4,400 hogs at a time.

A group of Decatur County residents have filed an appeal to block the construction of a large-scale hog farm that’s been approved by the state.

The proposed Cook Farm would raise about 4,400 hogs at a time in confinement on a lot near the Bartholomew County line.

Many of the project’s opponents are would-be neighbors who have raised concerns about the farm’s effect on local water resources, as well as their property values and quality of life.

The appeal was filed with the Decatur County’s Board of Zoning Appeals, but residents say if the board rejects their request, they’ll take the next step – filing an appeal in court.

County Area Plan Director David Neuman says he doesn’t know when the zoning board will make its decision.

The Department of Environmental Management issued the necessary state permit for the farm in late July.

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