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Right To Work Passes Indiana House Committee



Protestors in the House chamber expressed their objections to the bill that a committee passed Tuesday morning.

Right to work passed a House committee Tuesday, but not without controversy.

The House Labor Committee voted along party lines to send the right-to-work bill to the floor. Right-to-work legislation bans union contracts requiring that non-union employees pay fees for representation.

Democrats tried to offer amendments and allow testimony on the bill, but were overruled. Chairman Doug Gutwein explained that last Friday’s joint committee hearing took care of testimony, and said amendments had not been filed in time.  Democrats, like Mishawaka Representative Craig Fry, objected.

“What are you afraid of?  You have plenty of votes to pass this bill,” he says. “Why wouldn’t you want to listen to people express their point of view?”

As chairman Gutwein ended the meeting, protesters in the chamber again voiced their outrage with shouts against the legislation.

The bill will be available for amendments on the floor of the House as early as Thursday.

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