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Right To Work A Dominating Topic As Start Of Session Nears

The start of the legislative session is less than two weeks away.

Republicans have designated passing a Right to Work law as their top priority when the legislative session begins January 4th. But some have expressed concern that pushing such a divisive bill could drown out other issues.

Governor Mitch Daniels says Right to Work is critical for job growth in the state and that it’s time to pass it. And he says he’s only concerned it will dominate the session if someone purposely decides to wreck the agenda over the one issue.

“Look, I appreciate, of course,” he says, “that this one issue will be hotly debated and that people feel strongly on both sides. But that should not get in the way of a lot of other important matters and priorities that the state has.”

Last session, Right to Work was one of several issues that led to a five-week walkout by House Democrats. House Minority Leader Pat Bauer’s opinions haven’t changed on the issue…and he says his caucus will decide what course of action is necessary when the time comes.

“It could be a filibuster of some sorts, yes,” he says. “I don’t say that’d be a walkout, I’d say it’d be a way of giving them more time to ponder what they’re doing.”

Bauer says the public must call on Republicans to either reject Right to Work or delay it until after the 2012 elections.

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