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Wisconsin Badgers Defeat IU Hoosiers 64-59

Zeller Sideline

Photo: Alex Dierckman/WFIU-WTIU News

Cody Zeller sits on the sidelines waiting to go into the game against the Wisconsin Badgers.

In their lowest scoring game of the season, the Badgers defeated the Hoosiers (#2) 64-59 on Tuesday.

Cody Zeller made 8-of-8 shots in the first half, racking up 18 of his 23 points. Christian Watford finished the game with 11 points and Victor Oladipo with 10. The half ended with the Hoosiers in the lead, 32-31.

Zeller was unable to continue his streak as the Badgers closed in tight, allowing him only one shot in the second half.

Progress for the Hoosiers slowed significantly as they fell into a double-digit loss with 10 minutes on the clock. The Hoosiers made slow comebacks, but were unable to stop the Badgers from taking the win.

The Hoosiers now sit with 15 wins and 2 loses before entering their next game with the Northwestern Wildcats on Sunday, Jan. 20.

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