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Wireless 5G Internet Demonstrated At House Near Speedway


Photo: Kai Hendry (Flickr)

Verizon and Ericcson are partnering to demonstrate 5G wireless internet.

One day, your internet use may not be limited by 4G speeds. As early as 2018, many in the United States will be able to use 5G enabled devices.

Just a few blocks away from the roar of the Speedway, there’s a tiny gray house.

Unlike its neighbors, it’s not receiving an internet connection from wires running inside. Its internet comes from a 5G radio.

This is one of Verizon’s prototypes – the only one in Indiana. The company is partnering with Ericcson and Intel to demonstrate 5G wireless internet.

The benefits tested in this house are for entertainment: online gaming with no lag time, and video that relays more visual detail.

Cynthia Grupe, executive director of Verizon’s 5G project, says the company will roll-out consumer trials in 11 other cities later in 2017.

“This is a real technology. We are running true 5G, today. And seeing true 5G experiences,” Grupe says.

Outside of the house, halfway down the block is the radio, providing the connection to all the devices in the house.

Ericcson business development director John Macchione, says that box will be able to handle as much as 10 gigabits of data per second.

“That’s really going to change the way everybody can be entertained and the way businesses can communicate with you,” Macchione says.

As early as 2018, consumers near the Speedway may be able to test 5G from the radio installed near the house.

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