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Winter Weather Taking Toll on City Streets

The city has filled 800 of them already this winter and expects hundreds more.

“Slam! Bam! Everybody wakes up for a minute and it’s like ‘what did she hit?’”

As an IU campus bus driver, Barb Clark has experienced her fair share of potholes. She knows her heavy bus combined with frigid weather can pay a toll on road conditions.

“After we’ve had freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw and they start chipping pieces off and the holes get bigger,” said Clark.

Bigger holes mean more business for Scott Lorenzen and the Curry Auto Center.

“Winter time, almost a daily occurrence you could say we have damages from potholes. Whether it be maybe a tire that’s been damaged, a wheel that’s bent,” said Lorenzen.

Replacing one tire alone can set you back upwards of $500. It’s a steep price, and one you may not have to pay. Bloomington City Risk Manager Mike Rouker said you can file a claim with the city if your car has been damaged by potholes.

“Usually the city hasn’t been negligent and so most of the time people aren’t compensated for damage to their vehicles from potholes,” said Rouker.

Proving negligence and seeing money from city is easier said than done because crews usually respond to pothole reports within an hour.

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