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West Third Construction Delayed

Construction on West Third in Bloomington

Photo: He Zhou

City officials say a construction project on West Third Street in Bloomington is going to be delayed by as much as seven months.

There’s some bad news if you drive on West Third Street in Bloomington.  City officials say construction in the area is going to be delayed by as much as seven months.  The project was supposed to be complete at the end of this year, but now officials say that’s not going to happen.

“Private utilities have facilities that are in the public right of way and they are required to move those facilities prior to us doing our construction,” said Project Engineer Joyce Williams.  “They give us a time frame in which they expect to do that work and we form our contract with the construction firm based on that time frame that they give us. In this case they went pass their time frame by about 7 months.”

Williams said because of that, the contractor didn’t get the site until about seven months after it was originally promised.  Now Williams says the contractors are entitled to more time to complete the project.  “We do work with the business owners,” Williams said.  “They’ve talked to us, we know it’s hard on them, but we’re trying just to get them the best product out here and the best… as fast as possible.”

The city’s legal department is looking at what sort of recourse it has, and is considering a possible lawsuit. The $5.5 million project will widen West Third to four lanes, add bike lanes, and sidewalks.  It’s now scheduled to be complete in July 2011.

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