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Weather Cancels or Delays About 130 Flights At Indy Airport


Photo: JohnSeb (Flickr)

Many flights at the Indianapolis International Airport are delayed or cancelled because of weather.

After 10 and a half inches of snow fell in Indianapolis and temperatures dropped below zero, many flights through the Indianapolis International Airport are cancelled.

Airport officials are urging travelers to check the status of flights before leaving home.  About three out of every four flights was cancelled yesterday.

Airport spokesperson Carlo Bertolini says the extremely cold temperatures aren’t as much of a problem as the snowfall itself.

“It’s really because of a deicing issue with the airline more than the airport conditions,” Bertolini said. “It just slows them down to do that deicing procedure and they don’t have the same band width to get their normal full complement of flights out. “

Bertolini says to check directly with your airline to see if your flight has been delayed or canceled.

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