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Weather Advisory Hinders Schools, Businesses


Photo: WFIU News Staff

Weather takes a turn causing transportation, business, and school delays.

With temperatures expected to drop to negative numbers, coupled with the aftermath of Thursday’s snowfall, area schools are starting their weekends off early with closures and delays.

The National Weather Service has issued a weather advisory for most of south central Indiana, such as Monroe and Owen Counties, effective today through the weekend. The advisory cautions people to stay inside if possible.

The General Electric Plant, local YMCA’s, Curves and several other businesses closed. Schools suffer the most when they must make up missed days, shortening the students, and faculty’s summer vacations.

Bartholomew County Consolidated School District Executive Assistant to the Superintendant Jane Surface says their students already have to stay two days later than expected in the summer to fulfill their 180 day requirement… adding school cancellations are a much more careful process than most people think.

Bus drivers across the area check the roads and determine if they will be able to drive. Afterwards, they then alert the Director of Transportation, talk to Sheriffs and local surrounding school corporations.

School corporations must make a decision by 4 AM. The administration then notifies the public via radio, local news or eAlert, an online weather advisory service that announces possible school cancellations or delays. For more than 10 years, eAlert has provided notification services to the transportation industry, federal, state, and local governments; schools and universities; homeowners associations; the health care industry; and others.

Forecasts predict continuing snowfall and low temperatures, which officials say will likely lead to more cancellations and delays.

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