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Watch ‘Indiana Newsdesk:’ Hate Crimes Bill And Logging

Coming up on Indiana Newsdesk:

Indiana lawmakers failed this week to advance a bill that would have established a hate crimes law. The measure had bi-partisan support so what happened to cause its demise again this year? Sen. Greg Taylor joins us from the statehouse.

Proposed legislation would open the door for logging on private land. It’s a debate about property rights and protecting natural resources, but conflict of interest is also coming into play. Coming up a report on Ellington’s proposal… and a look at some of the ethical concerns.

Craft breweries have long enjoyed exclusive rights to sell carryout alcohol on Sundays. But a measure advancing at the statehouse could expand sales to liquor and convenience stores. Ahead how craft breweries are preparing for the potential impact.

Those stories plus the latest news headlines, right now on Indiana Newsdesk.

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