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Vigo County To Vote Tuesday on Smoking Ordinance

The Vigo County Commissioners will vote Tuesday on a county-wide smoking ban. The Vigo County ordinance would mirror Terre Haute’s ban that is set to go into effect July 1.

At the Vigo County American Legion Post 104, where members gather to drink and catch up with friends, smoking has been allowed inside the building for years.  That will change beginning July 1st when Terre Haute goes smoke free.

Vigo County resident Paul Slater says he can’t do anything about the city’s smoking ban, but now he’s hoping the county doesn’t follow the city’s lead. “I believe, I’m a Vietnam veteran, and I have my rights, and I believe they’re starting to take my rights away from me,” he says.

Alia Hazel, the Vigo County Program Director for the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission, says a consistent smoking policy for businesses inside and outside city limits makes sense.

“With the county going smoke free as well, it levels the playing field for all businesses,” she says. “So for some of those businesses that are right on the edge of city limits, they’re not feeling like they have to compete with businesses who you now, could be just a few blocks away.”

The county commissioners will discuss Tuesday whether to provide exemptions to private clubs. Terre Haute’s ordinance has no exemptions.

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