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Vigo County Sheriff Retires After Almost a Decade

A Vigo County Sheriff has spent almost a decade serving the community. And at the end of 2010, his tenure as sheriff will end. A veteran of 35 years in the business, in law enforcement and a Federal Marshall, Vigo County Sheriff, Jon Marvel has served the Terre Haute community in this role for eight years.

He said his biggest accomplishment is bringing awareness to the methamphetamine problem, which exists in the area and contributes to the overcrowding of their jails. “I think that maybe during my tenure as sheriff during the eight years, I certainly didn’t solve the issue, but we did raise awareness.”

Marvel said that the entire state should recognize there is a problem. “The problem that exists in Kansas, Missouri, California and Oregon is happening here too, ” said Marvel.

Mayor Duke Bennett said that Marvel has accomplished much during his tenure largely because of his communication skills. He said that’s something the next sheriff will also need to bring to the table.

“The sheriffs been at the forefront of that ever since he’s been in office he took that on as a personal challenge,” said Bennett.

Marvel has worked with the Legislature and other state departments to legalize pseudo-ephedrine as a prescription drug, which he says will assist in lowering the offense numbers. “You have to build upon those things and he hasn’t given up, and if you don’t break the cycle you know they’re going to keep coming through the system,” said Bennett.

The current Deputy Chief Greg Ewing was voted in as the new Sheriff and will begin tenure on January 1st.

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