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Vigo County Schools Adopt $150M Budget For 2018


Photo: Gretchen Frazee

Vigo County schools have been in need of renovations for years, and the budget partly addresses some of those issues.

The Vigo County School Corporation adopted a budget this week of just more than $150 million for 2018.

Of that money, $114 million will go to the general fund with the remainder split between capital projects, debt, transportation and school buses.

But Chief Financial Officer Bruce Perry says the adopted budget is expected to decrease.

“If you were to go in low or near, you could be restricting or limiting the amount of funding that you could receive or you might be eligible for,” Perry says.

The public has 10 days after the adoption to voice concerns. After that, Perry says the proposal will go to the Department of Local Government Finance where it will be finalized based on how much the corporation actually needs and can afford.

For years Vigo County schools have been in need of renovations and the capital budget partly addresses some of those issues.

Most of $18 million set aside for capital projects will go toward maintaining facilities or fixing or replacing equipment. Perry says that amount will more than likely decrease after further review.

But he also says there is an additional plan.

“It’s going to be to supplement the capital project’s needs, the district, and right now we haven’t finalized what projects we are going to utilize those funds for,” Perry says.

The board plans on holding a public hearing Oct. 23 for the proposed $2 million general obligation bond to help fund capital projects in 2018 and 2019.

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