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Vigo County Expects Increased Kindergarten Enrollment


Photo: maST Charter (Flickr)

Indiana is funding full-day kindergarten for the next school year. Some schools are expecting a larger increase than others.

Vigo County Schools expect a sizable increase in full-day kindergarten enrollment because Indiana has doubled its state funding for kindergarten.

Vigo County Schools Assistant Director for Elementary Education Christie Fenton says that means Vigo County Schools will have enough money to cover all kindergartners for the upcoming school year.

“We’re really thrilled that next year we’ll be able to provide full-day kindergarten for all of our children,” she says.

Some schools in Vigo County qualify for Title 1 funding, federal money that is set aside for schools with a high percentage of at-risk students. So last year students at those schools were able to go to full-day kindergarten for free.

But Vigo County schools not under Title 1 could only cover students for half-day kindergarten. Fenton says parents at those schools had to pay a fee if they wanted to enroll their children for the full day.

“If you paid the full amount, it was around seventeen hundred dollars,” she says. “If you were on free or reduced we kind of prorated that amount. The least amount paid was two-hundred and fifty dollars.”

Fenton says about two hundred students in the district were enrolled in half-day kindergarten last year. Vigo County’s kindergarten enrollment begins on Friday and will accept enrollments through the beginning of next year.

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