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Video: DePauw Remembers Margaret Thatcher’s 1992 Visit

margaret thatcher

Photo: Library of Congress

Margaret Thatcher was Great Britain's prime minister from 1979-1990.

Margaret Thatcher, who died from a stroke Monday at age 87, visited DePauw University in 1992.

During her lecture, the former British Prime Minister discussed touted the victory over communism and the rise of democracy.

“After the victory against Germany and Japan we spent a lot of money, a lot of effort, on teaching them democracy on helping them to build up their industries,” she said. “After communism crumbled, it hadn’t cost us a life, it hadn’t cost us any resources and I feel very strongly indeed that we should help them the more because we didn’t have to make sacrifices ourselves.”

Thatcher was Britain’s prime minister from 1979-1990.  As NPR News reports, Thatcher was dubbed the “Iron Lady” for her tough economic policies and was known for her partnership with President Reagan in standing up to communism and the short war with Argentina over the Falklands.

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