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Verizon 4G Expansion Could Bring Business to Rural Indiana

Verizon 4g phone

Photo: drkfiber (Flickr)

Verizon is expanding its 4G LTE network nationwide.

Verizon says it will bring its 4G LTE network to Bloomington, Mitchell, Bedford, Terre Haute and surrounding areas by October 20.  Local officials say the use of phones as information-sharing devices may change as a result.

Gene McCracken, Lawrence County Economic Growth Council Executive Director, says small cities like Bedford and Mitchell are thrilled to be included in the expansion.

“It’s nice to see that rural America also gets taken care of,” he says.

McCracken says there may not be much demand for the service now, but he expects demand to grow quickly.

“Those with 3G will of course move up and I currently have 3G currently, but I think we’’l step up and I think others will too as once they see exactly it can do,” he says.

Mitchell Mayor Dan Terrell says he hopes the 4G Network will attract new businesses to the city’s hurting economy.

“We’re grasping for jobs down here,” he says. “So as the world changes, Mitchell has to change. Verizon bringing 4G here is just a big plus.”

The 4G network is supposed to give Verizon’s wireless customers up to ten times faster service so they can live stream videos and download large files on their phones.


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