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Utility Companies To Take More Care Trimming Trees

Tree Trimming

Photo: Daniel X. O'Neil(Flickr)

The IURC has been working with utility companies to give homeowners more notice of when their trees will be pruned.

If you have a tree in your yard near some utility lines, you might be a bit less likely to come home to a tree that has been hacked to pieces. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission has taken the last year and a half to develop some “best practices” for utility companies when it comes to trimming around power lines.

Danielle McGrath is with the IURC, she says there should be more discussion between the utility that wants to trim the tree, and the home-owner.

“We look at trimming standards, are they following the best practices recognized at the national level, we also looked at notification,” she says. “We wanted to make sure customers were receiving at least two forms of notification at least two weeks before trimming is set to occur.”

McGrath says from there, they will help mediate a discussion.

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