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Upgraded Charges for Martinsville Shooting Suspect

The 16-year-old Martinsville West Middle School student accused of shooting a fellow classmate could spend more time behind bars if convicted now that one felony charge has been enhanced.

Michael Phelps still faces 6 felony charges for allegedly shooting Chance Jackson twice in the abdomen on March 25. Today the prosecution secured a sentence enhancement for the aggravated battery charge.

“The state has alleged that Michael committed count two aggravated battery while using a gun and therefore that subjects him to a possible additional five years in prison,” said Steve Litz, Phelps’ attorney.

Litz said the state also filed a number of motions to try to keep out certain evidence.

“The state didn’t want our psychologist to be able to testify that Michael did not intend to kill Chance Jackson. The judge granted that request,” Litz added.

Jury selection will take place in Brazil, Indiana on July 1st and those selected will be bussed in for the trial set for July 11.

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