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Low Turnout For Department Of Revenue Hearing

Dept of Revenue

Photo: Brandon Smith/IPBS

Dept. of Revenue representatives, with Commission Mike Alley in the center.

The Indiana Department of Revenue Tuesday held its annual public hearing, a chance for Hoosier citizens to voice complaints and make suggestions about ways the Department can improve. However, the meeting was sparsely attended.

Of the dozen or so attendees at the public hearing Tuesday, almost all worked for the Department of Revenue. And only one person got up to speak.

Jeff McGowan is a CPA with accounting firm Kruggel Lawton in South Bend and a representative of the Indiana CPA Society. He made several suggestions, including asking the department to expand the state’s electronic filing capabilities and provide reasons to taxpayers why a refund is being delayed, rather than just informing them of a hold.

McGowan says he is puzzled by the lack of attendance at the meetings each year.

“Gives us a chance to voice some of our concerns in what we’re seeing and then what I have found in the past is that they do take what we’ve said to heart,” he says.

Department of Revenue Commissioner Mike Alley says he will consider holding public hearings around the state as a way to generate more response.

“We do get out and interact through our district offices with taxpayers throughout the state but to take the show on the road might not be a bad idea,” he says.

The department is required by state statute to hold at least one public hearing each year prior to July first.

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