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Traveling Memorial Honors Vietnam Veterans

  • Vietnam Memorial

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    Anna Bilyeu and Gene Shafer look at the names on the moving wall. They say they'd really like to see the original one in D.C.

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    People look for veteran's names on the memorial. 58,282 names are on the moving wall.

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    Volunteers at the Owen County Fair help people find the names they are looking for on the wall.

Joe Goldman is a Vietnam veteran living in Owen County.

“There is a pilot on an aircraft that I was a crew chef on, on the wall down here,”  Goldman says pointing to the wall. “He died June 4, 1968. Eric Bryce - so it means a lot.”

Goldman has traveled to Washington D.C. to see the original memorial, but he says not everyone can afford to make that trip.

The moving wall is a half size replica that travels across the country to give people a chance to pay their respects to those who died serving in the Vietnam War.

Kathy Newman Arthur’s late husband was a Vietnam veteran.  She worked to bring the wall to the Owen County fair and got her 4-H group involved in the installation.

“Its meant a lot to a lot of them, not only that it is here, but it is the next generation doing it,” Arthur says. ” These are all school aged kids so it meant a lot to them.”

The 4-H group raised the $9,000 necessary to bring the traveling wall to Owen County. It’s accessible to visitors 24 hours a day at the fair.

There will be a closing ceremony and flag folding before the wall leaves at noon on Monday

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