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Travel Advisories Remain in Effect

snowy car

Photo: Courtesy: Flickr, Phil Denton

Motorists are being advised to stay off the roads unless travel is essential.

More than two-thirds of Indiana remains under a travel advisory today.  In several counties, travel is restricted and motorists are only allowed on the roads in an emergency.  In Marion County, drivers are only allowed out to travel to and from work.  Indiana Department of Homeland Security spokesperson Emily Norcross says if you are looking outside and it looks like a bad idea to be outside, it probably is.

“Regardless of whether you are in a watch, a warning, or an advisory extreme caution is warranted this morning if you have to be on the roads.  If you don’t have to be on the roads, the best advice is to not be,” said Norcross.

Last night, State Road 46 was completely impassable between Spencer and Greensburg because of downed trees.

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