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Transit Line May Combine With IU Bus System

Rising fuel costs for the Bloomington Transit service have renewed talks about a merger with the Indiana University Bus system. BT director Lew May says the project is a goal for 2009, but will require continued negotiations. May says even though talks for the merger have been going on for 10 years, both BT and IU see now as the perfect time to take the discussion to the next level.

“There couldn’t be a better time to do this given that commuters are struggling with the high cost of gasoline and the high cost of operating a car,” May said. “And they’re really looking for the expansion of transit service. But the obstacle to expanding the service is having the resources and funding to do that.”

May says a combined fleet would likely open up more state and federal funding which would combat high fuel costs and added routes. The two transit services already share a few duties. For example, BT now fuels and cleans the IU bus fleet and both operate out of the same facility in Bloomington.

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