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Two More Tornadoes Confirmed Near Mitchell, Crothersville

Tornado sirens are used differently throughout Indiana's counties

Photo: Bill Shaw WTIU

A low pressure system brought very warm and unstable air for late February/early March to central Indiana.

Two more tornadoes tore through southern Indiana during last Wednesday’s severe weather outbreak.

National Weather Service officials say an EF-1 tornado two miles west of Mitchell in Lawrence County contained wind speeds of 110 MPH. It was on the ground for two-tenths of a mile, uprooting trees and blowing the roof off a barn and house.

An EF-2 tornado nine miles west of Crothersville in Jackson County had wind speeds of 115 MPH and was on the ground for a quarter of a mile. Damage reports include a garage moved from its foundation and a 25 foot trailer turned and flipped on its side.

Since Wednesday, eleven tornadoes occurred across southern Indiana, from north of Evansville to near Salem.

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