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Tornado Watch Until 2 a.m.; Storm Reports Coming In


Photo: Chris Robb

Lightning strikes over Bloomington during a thunderstorm.

Forecasters at the National Weather Service have issued a Tornado Watch for most of Indiana until 2 AM Thursday.

Conditions will be favorable for the development of long-lived rotating thunderstorms that could produce fast-moving and potentially dangerous tornadoes. Large hail to 3 inches in diameter, thunderstorm wind gusts to 70 mph and dangerous lightning are possible in these areas.

A few storms have already passed leaving behind damage. An amateur radio report included 2.5 inch hail in Bedford and 8 inch tree limbs down at 25th and Taylor Road in Columbus. A trained spotter reported thunderstorm wind damage with large trees down and roof damage to a barn about 4 miles south of Columbus.

A tornado warning was issued about the same time a rotating wall cloud was reported by a trained spotter 5 miles southwest of Columbus.

Hail reports also were made 5 miles southwest of Nashville.

People in the watch area should be on the lookout for threatening weather conditions and listen for later statements and possible warnings. WTIU and WFIU will continue updating the severe weather situation on-air and will break into programming for any tornado warnings.

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