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Tonight At 6 On ‘Indiana Newsdesk’

Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett

Photo: Joe Hren

Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett says he was planning on rolling out a budget solution next month.

Coming up on Indiana Newsdesk:

In part two of our investigation into the state’s public defense system – the problem with plea deals. Public defenders are burdened with more cases than they can try… and clients suffer.

Terre Haute’s money troubles are mounting. The state says the city must cut spending by $8 million. Coming up, what the city plans to do to reduce its debt, and why some are accusing the mayor of not being transparent.

Plus, the latest on the U.S. Senate race and top federal officials visit the Hoosier state. 

Those stories and headlines from across the state Friday at 6 on Indiana Newsdesk.

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