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Tonight At 6 On ‘Indiana Newsdesk’

Indiana statehouse

Photo: Paul (Flickr)

Here's what you might have missed this week at the statehouse.

Coming up on Indiana Newsdesk:

In addition to the budget, road funding and pre-K access lawmakers this session tackled a number of issues, some of which were completely unexpected like cold beer sales. Just ahead, our statehouse reporter joins us from Indianapolis to sort out the latest on this year’s legislative session.

After receiving a near failing grade, is the state considering some form of a family paid leave program? A look at what policies are in in place now and whether it’s possible to serve the interests of families and businesses with a paid leave program.

Plus, how a school is seeing results by using music in the curriculum.

Those stories plus the latest news headlines from across the state Friday at 6 on Indiana Newsdesk.

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Want to contact your legislators about an issue that matters to you? Find out how to contact your senators and member of Congress here.