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Tipton Co. To Lose Only Full-Service Grocery Store If Marsh Closes

Marsh Supermarkets

Photo: Marsh Supermarkets

Marsh Supermarkets has 44 remaining stores but will close all of them if a buyer isn't found soon.

A Tipton County official says the potential closure of Marsh, the only full-service grocery store in the county, would make it even more difficult for the community’s low-income residents to access food.

Marsh supermarkets announced earlier this month that unless a buyer is found, they will be forced to close all remaining stores by the first week of July.

Nathan Kring is the executive director for the Tipton County Economic Development Organization. He says although the county population is somewhat wealthy, it’s a different story for City of Tipton residents.

“If you just look inside city limits, you see that Tipton is a very poor community,” he says. “I think the per capita income is $19,000.”

If Tipton’s Marsh were to close, Kring says many of the city’s poor and elderly residents who lack available transportation would now have even more difficulty obtaining groceries, in addition to the already prohibitive cost of groceries.

“That’s what’s scary to me,” he says. “Right now it’s a lot cheaper to go ahead and buy ten frozen pizzas than fresh meat and produce. At least in Tipton.”

A recent study from Feeding America found that there are more than 1,700 food insecure Hoosiers living in Tipton County.

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