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Terre Haute Holocaust Survivor Comments on Recent Vandalism

Chabad House

Photo: Courtesy of Chabad House

The Chabad House on East Seventh Street was one of the sites hit during a recent round of apparently antisemitic vandalism.

Seven years ago, the CANDLES Holocaust Museum was burned to the ground by an arsonist.  But founder Eva Kor rebuilt an even bigger monument to her mantra of forgiveness and teaching as a reaction to hatred.  Kor says a series of crimes appearing to target Bloomington’s Jewish population may not be the work of an anti-Semite at all.

“These people are filled with hatred that has nothing to do with Jews or any other group of people.” says Kor. ” They have to take it out on somebody, they think.  And because Jews have always been used as a good excuse for hating, this is what they have done.”

Kor says she’s in favor of punishing the person or people responsible, but says jail time isn’t as effective as some other methods…

“I would give them a very appropriate punishment. ” says Kor. ” I would make them lecture about what they did and tell [listeners] why did they do it, what did they want to accomplish by it?  And have to do that maybe for the next ten months.”

Bloomington police say they’re looking for a man in his 40s or 50s in connection with at least one of the incidents of vandalism.

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