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Terre Haute Graffiti Ordinance Off The Table


Photo: kevin Dooley (Flickr)

Some property owners believe the graffiti are work of art, and they want to leave them on their property.

An ordinance that would have required property owners in Terre Haute to clean up graffiti on their property is off the table for now.

Officials withdrew the ordinance at Thursday night’s city council meeting.

Terre Haute City Councilman-at-large Don Morris says the ordinance was very vague, and officials haven’t reached a consensus on ways to enforce the law.

“There was a lot of grey area,” Morris says. “People were saying you are going to fine me because someone else did the damage. And that was never being intent.”

The original ordinance proposed fining property owners $25 if they failed to remove the graffiti within 60 days, but they would have had the option of either cleaning it themselves or calling the city to have city workers remove it.

Morris says the ordinance will likely be brought up again several months from now.

“We are just taking baby steps at a time, looking at what we want do with no intentions of penalizing anybody,” Morris says. “We just want to address the problem.”

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