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Teen Shot by Bloomington Police Made Initial 911 Call


Bloomington Police have named John Coleman as the BPD officer that shot a 16-year old in downtown Bloomington earlier this week.

The teen’s name still hasn’t been released, but police have released a summary of their ongoing investigation into the incident.

The investigation has also revealed the initial 911 call describing the knife-wielding male teen was made by the teenager himself.

At 1:22 p.m. Wednesday, Monroe County Central Dispatch received a 911 call from the teenager describing a man making death threats who had pulled out a “big butcher” knife at the Bloomington bus terminal.

When Officer Coleman arrived on the scene, he extended his expandable baton and begins walking toward the man described in the 911 call. While Coleman and the teen were initially 15 feet apart, the teenager pulled out his knife and eventually started running toward the officer. Officer Coleman shot the teen twice in the upper torso at a distance between three to five feet.

The teenager sustained two entry wounds to the front torso with no exit wounds and his injuries are not life threatening. BPD detectives then found the teenagers mother and took her to Bloomington Hospital.

Of the six eye witnesses that were interviewed by police, all indicate Officer Coleman’s commands to the teen were ignored. Witnesses also told police the teen ran toward Coleman just prior to the shots.

When the teenager called 911 he also gave his real middle name to the dispatcher as his first name. Officers recovered the teen’s phone at the scene of the crime.

Police also say there’s the “potential for charges being filed with the Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney.” The unnamed teen is a student at Bloomington North High School. Coleman is a 19-year veteran of the Bloomington police force.

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