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Technology Enhances Global Change

A rapid global expansion of internet usage has increased 59% from last year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 90 percent of adults between the ages of 18 to 29 used the internet in 2008 and the number is expected to increase this year.

Dr. Michael McGregor, Professor at the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University, says the FCC has faced many challenges trying to regulate the internet.  “The internet is virtually a free for all, and the internet is inherently chaotic and very difficult to control.  Additionally, broadcast stations are required to have a television license, and if they do something wrong the FCC can pull that license and that broadcaster can no longer operate. That’s hard to do on the internet.”

Technology has enhanced international coverage and brought forward a new definition of citizen journalism.  In fact, Dr. Mark Deuze, Associate Professor of the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University says, “Increasing numbers of people inform themselves by telling stories about what they’re experiencing, thus amplifying stories of other people like them that have certain experiences.”

Deuze says mainstream media has changed and journalist should follow suit with the new business model instead of following more traditional forms. “Currently, mainstream news media amplifies stories.”

The concept of citizen journalism is more pertinent, especially in current international news. “When given the chance people will tell their own stories rather than sit and wait till somebody tells a story,” says Deuze.

Technology has expanded international news coverage.  The rapid growth of the internet usage, media, and technology provides educational and helpful information quickly to people all over the nation.

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