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Tavis Smiley Says Politicians Must Be Held Accountable

With the 2012 presidential election approaching, Indiana University alumnus and talk show host Tavis Smiley says political candidates should be held accountable.

Smiley has been ridiculed for raising concerns about President Obama in the 2008 elections. Speaking at an event today at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Smiley said it is important to hold elected officials responsible for being consistent with the truth.

“Barack Obama ain’t going to be president forever,” he said. “And all of those same black people that had been upset with me for saying stuff about holding him accountable – when the next president who is elected, who ain’t going to be no black man, sorry Herman Cain – When the next person is elected it will not be a black man it will be a white man.”

Graduate student Marlon Webb says the talk made him think about how he can also prompt change.

“How can we build up development, empower the people in the communities, actually get up and do something about the situation,” Marlon Webb said.

Smiley also talked the high poverty and unemployment rates and how he  is working with other scholars to affect change.

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