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Tasus hopes for Tax Abatement to Expand

Monroe County Council members are considering a tax abatement for Tasus Corporation. The abatement would be made on a $1.5-million personal property investment for a new injection molding machine along with some structural changes that would support the new machinery. Tasus Corporation is a manufacturing business that makes the casing that holds the bulbs in car headlights. Tasus spokesman Hank Baugh said purchasing the new machinery will help the company to better compete in the market.

“Automotive goes in four or five year cycles so when a product line expires then you have to replace it,” Baugh said. “If you don’t replace it then you lose business and you have to make cuts.”

Baugh said the addition will certainly save jobs and, if all goes well, could lead to new jobs as Tasus’s customers have indicated they might up their purchases enough to warrant even a second machine. County Council President Geoff McKim said that’s exactly what tax abatements are meant for.

“It’s in the statute that its either job creation or retention and retention is absolutely considered at the same level as creation,” McKim said. “In this competitive world companies have to continue to invest and improve their equipment if they want to be competitive.”

McKim said just as in recent abatements Tasus officials will be expected to sign a memorandum of understanding.

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